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Patrick Munoz

I can't say enough good things about Tyler

he's absolutely friendly personable he

really sparkled with lots of ideas he's

really helped me in my business this is

going to be a very exciting year for me

and I'm really happy to be able to 

say to you out there that Tyler's helped

me so much and anybody who gets to have

him help you is very lucky

Doug Gober, President 

I have been a fan and colleague of Tyler Fraser for a number of years. In the last several years, we have collaborated on several projects that he has unearthed through determination and savvy. In a very difficult marketplace, Tyler has persevered through his skill and effort. Tyler has the intelligence to understand what a profession needs, but also the willingness to work to bring his visions into reality. The growth of his company comes as no surprise to me. I look forward to seeing the continued rewards of his efforts in the future.

Sean Kaddura

Impressive professional with skills that include online marketing, search engine optimization, and web design. Additionally, Mr. Fraser is a savvy business person whom can turn a concept into an effective start-up.


Did a phenomenal job as webmaster at In the Light Urns. They increased our revenue by 400% and grew the traffic to our website by 951%.

Do you know?

  • With Colma , you can hire top-tier full-time employees for just around $9,000 USD per year. 
  • Our team members boast excellent English skills and come with prior experience in remote work.
  • Whether you're in need of talent in sales, operations, customer support, finance, programming, creative roles, or more, we've got you covered.
  • And here's the icing on the cake – our candidates are not just skilled but also align well with the U.S. culture. When you partner with Colma Outsourcing, you're not just getting a workforce; you're getting a team that shares the same values and cultural nuances as your U.S. counterparts.


...but finding the right ones can be challenging.

Locating top-notch overseas employees can be a challenge. However, here at Colma, we specialize in providing you with outstanding employees tailored to your specific needs. 

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1.  With extensive 10+ years of experience in hiring within the Philippines for our own businesses. 

2. Philippine-based headhunter team

3. Extensive database of thoroughly screened candidates

Pricing to suit
all sizes of business

Part Time Role

Our Pricing Fits Every Business Size! Easily Hire Part-Time Remote Talent. Whether you're a startup or exploring compatibility with talent, part-time roles are an excellent starting point.

On-Call/Per Project

On-Call or Per-Project Options Available .

Flexible rates cater to your needs, whether you require on-call assistance or project-based support

Full Time Role

Full-Time Roles Available for Hiring Remote Talent. Test the waters with part-time arrangements, and when you feel the fit is right and the talent proves their value, seamlessly transition to full-time.

 What to expect when you work with us




We kick off the talent search for your role, interviewing and screening until we present 3 ideal candidates.


Once we've identified 3 strong options, we'll present them to you and assist in scheduling interviews for you to select your preferred candidate.


After identifying the ideal candidate, we'll handle contract creation, provide necessary tools, and manage employee payroll for you.

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